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Go In-Depth with the Experts Webinar: Vision Reports


You’ve done all the hard work and everyone is entering data accurately, on-time and effectively. But, your reports are boring, don’t make a lot of sense and take forever to understand and evaluate. In this session, attendees will explore the wide range of options to make Vision reports impactful, understandable and actionable. Attendees will see everything from customizations you can make within Vision and Vantagepoint to true custom reporting options.

You will learn how to filter the unfilterable, speed up analysis, conditionally format reports and use colors and graphs to tell a story. This session will help you maximize the effort you put into Vision to allow you to maximize your business data the sensible way. Plus, Darrell Aaron will cover the following items;

  • Making the most of your reporting time
  • Learning to solve reporting puzzles with everything you already have
  • How to spend less time watching reports process

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Central Consulting Group

Since 2002, Central Consulting Group (CCG), Deltek’s largest Vision / Vantagepoint partner, has helped thousands of architectural, engineering, construction, and professional services firms worldwide realize greater functionality from of their software investment. In addition to implementing, training, tailoring, customizing and integrating Deltek ERP Software, CCG assists clients with their transition to Deltek Vantagepoint, the next generation of Deltek, and Vision/Vantagepoint migrations to the Cloud. CCG experts solve business challenges and support them throughout the project and software lifecycle.

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