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CCG Webinar: Clean Out the Cobwebs of Your CRM and Finally Deal with Your Duplicates

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Learn how CCG can help clean up your CRM Data by standardizing client names, addresses, contact names and phone numbers, and identifying duplicates. David Springer will walk you through his process for identifying and removing duplicates from your system for a cleaner, easier-to-use Vision/Vantagepoint experience. You’ll also learn how a CCG Address Standardizer integration keeps CRM data clean and avoid entry of duplicates and bad information into your system.


  • Easily identify duplicates in CRM data
  • Best practices for cleaning up CRM data
  • Clean-up of clients, vendors, addresses, and contacts
  • Keeping CRM data clean with a CCG Address Standardizer integration

Audience: Vision/Vantagepoint users who work with CRM Data (clients, contact, addresses, vendors, etc.)

Presenter: David Springer, Principal Consultant

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