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CCG Experts Webinar: CCG Tools for Your Vantagepoint Upgrade AND BEYOND

On Demand!

Based on work with a wide variety of clients, CCG has developed a cache of tools that make business processes easier, quicker, and more accurate for Vision and Vantagepoint users. These tools also facilitate Vision-to-Vantagepoint upgrades, keep disparate systems up to date, and analyze information


*Learn about Vantagepoint Upgrade Tools

  • Vantagepoint Readiness Report
  • Designer Scripts
  • User Grid Settings

*Learn how to use Vision & Vantagepoint Labor Saving Tools:

  • Active Directory Sync
  • Address Standardizer
  • Excel DataWorker

*Integrations between Vantagepoint and tools available today


Who Should Attend:

Current and prospective Vantagepoint users

Vision users


Jonathan Monroe, Vice President Client Services

Darrell Aaron, Managing Consultant


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