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If you feel you’re not fully leveraging your investment in Deltek Vision, then it may be time for an Optimization Workshop. We can help you uncover where your ERP system is being underutilized and provide a road-map for becoming a more efficient organization through each of the following workshops:

Vision CRM Optimization Workshop

This two-day workshop can be done onsite or remotely. Our consultants work with you to:

    • Evaluate your CRM, Business Development and Proposal processes.
    • Align CRM reporting metrics against management objectives to better measure performance.
    • Recommend process improvements and Vision CRM module configurations to help you win more business.

Vision Accounting Optimization Workshop

This workshop is a two or three-day, on-site evaluation where we work with you to:

  • Analyze how you’re using Vision now.
  • Identify key functionality you should be using based on your business processes and goals.
  • Provide a road-map for getting greater value from Vision. This might include more robust reporting and/or improving workflow and productivity. (Check out our Customization Service for workflow automations that are possible).

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Vision Project Management Optimization Workshop

  • Collect detailed information on your Project Manager’s monthly cycle such as Project Setup, Project Planning and/or iAccess, Billing, Resource Scheduling & Utilization, Forecasting ETC/EAC, and Project Manager reporting and recommend areas for improvement.
  • Identify key functionality you should be using based on your business processes and goals.
  • And more.

Want to Get More Out of Your Vision Investment?

If you’d like help uncovering opportunities to use Vision more strategically and productively, call us at 866-511-5710 or use our contact form.

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