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What Customers Are Saying About Our Effectiveness Review


“Our Effectiveness Review is an example of how organizations can make progress by improving their use and knowledge of technology instead of relying on a limited number of individuals to manage their use of technology,” says Miller Dunwiddie Vice President Denita Lemmin.


CCG’S Effectiveness Review recommended tailoring ARCCA’s database to meet their processes and information needs within Vision rather than customizing the software. “We were relieved to sidestep that expensive proposition. In essence, CCG ensured we had the proper foundational structure,” says Sioux Klinsky, ARCCA chief operating officer.

Picketing Associates

As is often the case, for Pickering Associates CCG’s Effectiveness Review was the catalyst for correcting deficiencies that had been building and put on the back burner over the years. “It helped bridge Vision knowledge gaps,” stated Human Resources and Safety Manager Abby Wright.

Improve your Firm’s Performance with an Effectiveness Review

Dig Deep for Performance Enrichment

Our ER is a proprietary process that puts your workflow, processes, and Deltek software under the microscope. As a benchmark for your current processes, culture, and technology, it’s the perfect starting point for developing a roadmap to get more value from your Vision platform and move business performance to a new level.

After interviewing staff, applying modeling techniques and industry benchmarks and conducting a best practice review and system use analysis, our expert consultants consider their findings. Their analysis leads them to uncover issues and opportunities and document actionable changes and improvements for your software system.

Recommendations include revenue enhancement and expense management opportunities, culture-based strategies, and other tactics that improve performance. What’s more, the CCG ER report serves as the foundation of a road map for taking your firm’s systems and processes to the next level.

Deltek Talent Management

Why Now?

You made a sizable financial investment and committed significant resources to your project management platform. Does it meet your expectations? Could you be getting more out of the software? Could some business processes be more efficient? Should more people in your firm be using Vision/Vantagepoint? Are there too many remaining redundancies or systems that still need to be integrated?

Why CCG?

Since 2002, CCG has become a trusted advisor to thousands of architectural and engineering firms. Our deep level of technical expertise, knowledge of Deltek ERP, and unique ingenuity help clients get the most value from their Deltek investment. We’ve built our reputation on filling software gaps and creating the exact functionality clients want for their specific operational needs.

The Reality of Daily Functioning

Our ER illuminates how your firm functions on a daily basis—what’s working well and what gaps are begging to be improved. In other words, monitoring the true pulse of performance.

ER Process Overview:

  • Preliminary Interview—Brief phone interview to collect basic firm information, review next steps, answer questions, and discuss selecting participants on your review team.
  • Pre-meeting Data Collection—Detailed firm information, identify review participants, and current systems to make our meeting with your team more efficient.
  • Vision Database Review—Review your current Vision database—use within your firm, data integrations, the level of automation, and the quality of data used on a daily basis.
  • Onsite Analysis Meeting—1-3 day workshop (depending on organization size and complexity) about current processes, strengths of processes, and challenges.
  • Additional Data Collection—Based on Analysis Workshop’s findings, another meeting with more stakeholders may be needed for our understanding of your needs.

Selecting your ER Review Team

The composition of your ER Review team depends on the size and complexity of your organization. Representatives from Executive Management, HR, Accounting, Business Development/Marketing, Project Management, and Administration make a typical effective team. During the Review and Onsite Analysis Meeting when all processes are discussed, learning about the integration of these processes helps team members understand the entire picture. A mix of individuals from different divisions and offices and with various tenures comprises a variety of perspectives and helps generate the most appropriate recommendations for your firm. Additional team members either during the Analysis Meeting or as part of Additional Data Collection.


Reporting our Findings

At the end of your ER, CCG provides an Analysis of Findings Report. This report contains our understanding of your current processes, systems and culture, analysis of the findings, and our recommendations for improving any identified gaps, challenges, or areas for growth. We also provide any processes mapped during the analysis meeting.

Want real answers about your firm’s performance?

Start a conversation about an Effectiveness Review by calling Jonathan Monroe, Vice President of Client Services, 952-461-7400, email to

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