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How can your Vision/Vantagepoint platform drive success in a flexible, work-from-anywhere environment? In a nutshell, moving it to the cloud will lower your IT costs, make your workforce more productive, agile and responsive, and provide worry-free network and data protection.

Moving to the cloud is the quickest and easiest way to:

Lower costs

  • Eliminate expensive up-front licensing, hardware, complicated deployment and costly, ongoing maintenance.
  • Eliminate most ownership cost and almost all ownership responsibilities.
  • Automatically receive new enhancements through managed upgrades.
  • Free your IT resources to focus on other, more important work.

Greater productivity + reliability

  • Connect to mission-critical business processes, applications, and data from anywhere with increased security, flexibility, scalability, and support.
  • Hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), for global scale, proven expertise, physical security.

Worry-free network + data protection

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Routine virus and malware scanning.
  • 24/7 access and monitoring.
  • Multiple daily backups.

The Cloud Pays off

CCG clients speak about how migrating Deltek Vision to the Cloud has made their firms more efficient. Read their Success Stories below.

“Tiresome and expensive” is how Environmental Partners Controller Marie Gertje describes the firm’s on-premise version of Deltek Vision. Gertje needed to modernize the accounting system for an increasingly younger and mobile staff. Migrating Deltek Vision to the cloud reduced IT costs and made the system more reliable and budgeting easier with monthly pricing.

When SE Group migrated Deltek Vision to the cloud, COO George Schmidt commented, “It was a decision driven by economics…to eliminate the overhead of servers and personnel costs of maintenance duties in addition to freeing up IT for more valuable activities.” However, improving timesheet, project review, and invoice processes was also critical. “We complete monthly invoicing in less than a week after month end,” says Schmidt.

By combining our deep knowledge of Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint with our extensive technical expertise, we’ve become the go-to consultant for cloud migration. Whether you need to migrate from a legacy product or an older version of Deltek Vision or Vantagepoint or as the result of a merger or acquisition, we combine data seamlessly with minimal disruption.

We’ll help you outline the best migration path for your firm, using our proven process and services:

  • Project oversight and coordination.
  • Detailed upgrade project plan.
  • Cloud Readiness Report (hardware/technical).
  • Functional review.
  • Functional test plan.
  • Upgrade assistance.
  • Training on the new features.

Migrate from Any Legacy Financial System

Whether you were using Sema4®, Deltek Advantage®, Wind2 FMS, QuickBooks® or some other financial accounting system, we can convert it to your new Deltek Vision system. If you’re still using additional spreadsheets or databases to manage data, then you’re not leveraging Vision to its full potential. Fleet management is a common example. We can convert your fleet data from an Excel spreadsheet into Vision, creating individual records for each vehicle, so you can quickly see relevant information such as mileage in, mileage out and next maintenance due.

Simplify Cloud Migration

If you think you’re ready to migrate to Deltek’s newest Cloud-based platform, Deltek Vantagepoint, we can help confirm you’re ready and show you the best way to get there. Our streamlined Migration Preparation process outlines the optimal migration path for you, based on your database structure, hardware, workflows and company culture. We’ll elevate you to the cloud as quickly as possible.

Update Your Configuration to Match Current Business Model

If you’ve been running the same configuration for some time, chances are it likely needs updating. We can restructure your work breakdown structures, organization structure, labor codes and categories, and much more to streamline processes and match them to your current business model. Beyond basic configuration, we can automate many of your daily tasks. Imagine having your organization structures go into every project, phase and task automatically to save weeks of manual data entry every year. Plans can be updated based on approved proposals, absence requests, etc. What’s more, we can make it happen quickly.

Improve Older Vision Databases

If you haven’t updated to the latest version, you’re not taking advantage of more recent improvements. Every release of the software introduces new or improved features and functionality. Talk to us about a system review to ensure that you’re aware of opportunities to more fully leverage your investment.

Let Us Help

If you’d like help migrating Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint data seamlessly to the Deltek Cloud, call us at 866-511-5710 or use our contact form.

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