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The first step in preparing your Vision database for a Vantagepoint Migration

This custom Vision 7.6 report will review your entire database configuration and provide you with the details as the first step in your Vantagepoint preparation process.

This report:

  • Identifies potential duplicate vendors and clients
  • Produces a list of all your workflows
  • Compiles a list of all your user defined fields and grids
  • Identifies custom report files in use
  • Identifies duplicate columns across vendors and clients and across leads and contacts
  • Displays all the key formats for various info centers
  • Shows labor cross charge; overhead allocation and revenue generation settings for all companies
  • Displays the database table size
  • Identifies unposted transactions; timesheets, expense reports, transaction center files
  • Identifies plans which do not comply with Vantagepoint (iAccess) requirements
  • Identifies info center numbering that differs from your key formats

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