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Accelerate Preparation for Your Cloud Migration with CCG’s Cloud Readiness Report

We understand that migrating your Vision or Vantagepoint system to the cloud may sound complicated, if not daunting. Having assisted hundreds of firms, we’ve learned preparation is at least half the battle, which is why we developed CCG’s Cloud Readiness Report.

This report essentially automates review of the system environment and documentation of actions needed to move forward. Having this consolidated information in a single report streamlines what could be a laborious preparation process.

What the Cloud Readiness Report does

Our automated version assesses your on-premise system and provides an inventory of refinements that may be needed for the cloud environment regarding:

  • Software customization
  • Custom reports/invoices
  • Add-on/custom software
  • Database access methods

All you do is simply download the tool and run the report. Of course, we can help you with refinements. It’s up to you to determine how little or how much you need us to ensure a smooth transition.

After necessary adjustments are made, moving your Vision or Vantagepoint database to the cloud can be done in a few hours after backing it up and sending it to Deltek.

What’s included in the Cloud Readiness Report

  • Configuration items
    • Current SQL Server and Vision Application versions
    • Modules is use (helps determine the complexity of the installation)
    • Summary of Custom Fields, Grids, and Tabs (helps determine the amount of customization)
    • Database Summary (helps determine amount and size of conversion)
  • Top Tables (helps determine if there are tables consuming a unusual amount of space that could be trimmed prior to migration)
  • Catalog of Custom Objects (helps determine the depth and breadth of what will transfer and what might need to be modified (or eliminated) prior to cloud upload.
    • Views
    • User Tables
    • SQL Triggers
    • SQL Table ValuedFunctions
    • SQL Stored Procedures
    • SQL Scalar Functions
    • SQL Inline Table Valued Functions
    • Indexes
    • Foreign Key Constraints
  • Catalog of Custom Reports (helps determine if reporting extensions will be needed in their cloud licensing and the amount of migration effort; also, if these custom reports are still needed
  • Catalog of Report Favorites
  • Catalog of Workflows by topic Area (e.g., Client, Employee, Project) (helps with scale of migration effort and which workflows need to be carried forward
  • Export of all CCG Stored Procedures for archive and reference

Ready for the simplicity and IT freedom of being in the cloud?
Take the first step easy, and request your Cloud Readiness Report.

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