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Central Consulting Group Kicks off Fall Line-up of Popular Webinars with Presentations at Deltek Insight

Vantagepoint, reporting and analyzing system information, and security controls head up schedule.

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 14, 2020—Central Consulting Group (CCG), Deltek’s Reseller of the Year, today announced that two presentations slated for Virtual Deltek Insight (September 15-17) will kick off its fall series of webinars in which the Company will continue to share its renowned expertise in Vision and Vantagepoint. CCG has helped thousands of architectural, engineering, and professional services firms realize greater functionality from their Deltek software investment and ushered them through countless migrations and upgrades.

More than 450 Deltek Insight attendees have registered for: CCG Tools that Will Change Your Life” focuses on facilitating Vision-to-Vantagepoint upgrades, how to keep disparate systems up to date, and how to report on and analyze system information; and Know Your Security Controls: Settings vs. Hubs” focuses on security access considerations for Deltek, how to avoid security gotchas, and best practices for setting up a new employee’s security access.

Making the announcement, CCG Services Vice President Jonathan Monroe also encouraged Deltek attendees to register for CCG’s raffle featuring a cache of prizes that support personal fitness. “After intellectually exercising for three days during Insight, we wanted to give attendees an opportunity to jumpstart or resume their physical exercise program.”

He continued to explain, “We’ll resume our fall webinar schedule in early October, responding to soaring attendance we’ve experienced over the last six months. With more of our clients’ staffs working remotely from anywhere, it’s clear that Vision and Vantagepoint users appreciate more than ever our interactive learning opportunities.”

The remaining fall line-up includes: API 101 (not a coding session)” focuses on how understanding APIs can help make good decisions about business processes and other software purchases; Have You Seen What’s in Vantagepoint 3.5” focuses on expanded control of all project information, enhanced dashboards and reports, and additional tools that enable teamwork and collaboration; “Use the Vantagepoint Standard Import Utility Like an Expert” focuses on how to save valuable time when keying in transactional data with Vantagepoint standard data imports, how to import common transactions such as cash receipts, AP disbursements and AP vouchers, and speeding up bank and credit card reconciliation processes; and “Contract and Billing Terms Automation: Remove Duplication” focuses on automating information entry and eliminating manual tasks.

To register for any webinar, visit or email to be notified in advance of each webinar. For more information about CCG services, visit, or call 866-511-5710.


About Central Consulting Group

Since 2002, Central Consulting Group (CCG), Deltek’s largest Vision / Vantagepoint partner, has helped thousands of architectural, engineering, construction, and professional services firms worldwide realize greater functionality from of their software investment. In addition to implementing, training, tailoring, customizing and integrating Deltek ERP Software, CCG assists clients with their transition to Deltek Vantagepoint, the next generation of Deltek. CCG experts solve business challenges and support them throughout the project and software lifecycle. For more information about CCG, Fast-Track for Deltek Vantagepoint, or the Readiness Report, visit, or call 866-511-5710.

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