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CCG Launches EleVia Software to Better Serve Architecture and Engineering Industry

CCG founders separate consulting and software services to further enhance distinct paths for increasing the value of Deltek Vision ERP system

MINNEAPOLIS, April 7, 2016—Central Consulting Group (CCG), a technical consulting and services firm that helps architectural and engineering clients
leverage their investment in Deltek Vision® ERP system, is separating the software arm of its business into a new company, EleVia Software, effective

CCG Co-founder Jim Falkanger—now Chief Executive Officer of EleVia Software—explained, “Over the years, as CCG has grown into one of Deltek’s
largest and most recognized partners, we’ve identified two key ways for architecture and engineering firms to enhance the value of Deltek Vision. One
is through consulting services, where we align the core Vision platform with business processes through customization, workflow automations and data
integration. The other is by enhancing Vision through add-on products that extend the already powerful Deltek Vision ERP system to meet key financial
and operational needs. Since we began offering add-on products in 2009, response has been tremendous. To better meet the increasing demand for both
our products and our consulting services, we’re separating the two to give each a sharper focus.”

EleVia Software is an evolution of CCG Products, a division of CCG that began offering proprietary, add-on software products for Deltek Vision in 2009.
Today, more than 250 clients use the products.

Among those clients is HKS, a 1,200-employee global firm with 25 offices worldwide. “EleVia’s products round out the parts of Deltek Vision that are
still manual,” said HKS’ Jack Clark, Vice President of Business Systems. “Given today’s tight economics, architecture and engineering firms have
to do more with less. Paper-based processes like invoicing can’t be supported, because we don’t have the staff to get as much billing out as we
need. EleVia understands that, and develops products that streamline our processes. In addition, their products give executives a window into performance,
so we can see trends and identify areas that need focus to improve profitability.”

EleVia Software is a privately held company led by Falkanger and his partners—John Nelson and Steve Stolz, who continue to own CCG and serve
on CCG’s Board of Directors. Two CCG veterans now lead the CCG Deltek Vision reseller and consulting business: Steve McTavish, President, and Jonathan
Monroe, Vice President of Client Services.

About Central Consulting Group (CCG)

From its founding as a Deltek Vision reseller in 2002, CCG has become Deltek’s largest and most recognized partner. The firm serves leading architectural,
engineering and professional services firms across North America by implementing and enhancing the value of the core Vision ERP system. CCG consultants
combine deep technical and accounting knowledge to align Vision with business processes through customization, workflow automations and data integration.
For more information, visit

About EleVia Software

EleVia Software is a Central Consulting Group company that develops, delivers and supports software to extend the value of the Deltek Vision ERP
system. EleVia Software’s products are designed to elevate and enhance key financial and operational processes for architecture, engineering and
professional service firms. The products automate tasks, improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and provide valuable insight into project
performance and profitability. Flagship products of the company, formerly the CCG Products division of CCG, include EleVia Electronic Invoicing,
EleVia Payables Approval & Tracking, EleVia A/R Management & Collections, EleVia Field Services Suite and EleVia Advanced Search. For more
information, visit


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