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Alan Plummer Associates Finds Answer with CCG’s Electronic Invoicing

Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN—November 30, 2010— Central Consulting Group is pleased to announce the addition of Alan Plummer Associates, Inc.
(APAI), of Fort Worth, TX, to the growing list of CCG’s Electronic Invoicing users. Electronic Invoicing, an add-on module for Deltek’s Vision application,
allows users to automate the internal distribution of invoices for review and approval. “We love it,” says Accounting Manager Tammy Kilhullen. “It
was a breeze to install and has paid for itself in time and paper alone.”

Before November 2009, review of invoices at APAI was strictly a manual process. According to Kilhullen, this created two problems. “Our project managers
spend a lot of time on the road, and it is difficult to distribute paper invoice copies to them in a timely way,” she says. “Also, we generate over
300 invoices a month and it is challenging to keep track of which invoices have been returned. At first, we considered developing a database in-house
to track the approval process, but that would have meant manual generation and distribution. The first time we saw CCG’s electronic invoicing solution,
we knew it was the answer we were seeking.”

“The entire process of deploying Electronic Invoicing took less than a day,” she says. “Installation and training for the accounting and senior project
management staff was completed in just six hours. We trained the rest of the project managers over a brown bag lunch and were using the system in our
next invoicing cycle. Before, invoice review could take seven or eight days. Now, project managers receive email notices Friday afternoon and we get
most of our approvals back by Monday morning. Electronic Invoicing not only saves us time and money but also greatly improves accountability. The only
paper we handle now is the final invoice we send to clients. The system is essentially trouble free, which our PMs and IT staff appreciate. If we ever
have questions, CCG’s support service responds before we know it. Looking back, I don’t think we’d do a thing differently.”


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