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As a member of the LinkedIn Vantagepoint Upgrade Group, you’ve earned exclusive access to this page. Each week we’ll post a new tip or shortcut in a different tab from one of our Vantagepoint-certified expert consultants’ favorites.  Stay tuned and look for our LinkedIn posts.

Tip #11

Vantagepoint Tip #1: How to Open VP Applications in Separate Browser Tabs

With the Navigation Pane open, you’ll see menu items that are direct links to Applications (Activities, Boilerplates, Contacts). You’ll also  see other links that open an Application with sub-menus indicated by the arrow (Clients  > and Projects  >).

Navigation Pane

Press and hold down the CTRL key, then LEFT click the direct link application you want to display. A new browser tab will open. For Applications that have sub menus, you will need to open that Application first, Then use CTRL+LEFT Click to open additional. Applications from the sub menu, or return to the main menu to access other Applications.

Vantagepoint Tip #2: Stop time-consuming searching and navigating

Stop time-consuming searching and navigating. Simply type what you’re looking for in the “Find Application” box. Filtering on the fly is a game-changer.

Navigation Pane

Vantagepoint Tip #3: 

When navigating through different input fields in Vantagepoint, the change is saved when you leave that field. You may wish to edit multiple fields at one time and then save the group of changes when you’ve finalized all edits. By clicking on the “Edit” button, you can edit all fields on the record at once.

In “Edit” mode:

When using Invoice Approvals, Final Batch consists only of invoices approved prior to Final Run. There is no need to SEARCH for projects that are approved, because Vantagepoint has already done that for you.

Click on the image below to view the PDF


Vantagepoint Tip #5: How to Enlarge Text

If the text is a bit too small and you’d like to enlarge it temporarily, hold CTRL and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out on any page in Vantagepoint.



Vantagepoint tip #6

In Plans, Gantt charts can be exported to use in proposals.

Use Custom Search options instead of Floor Check.  

Floor check also populates all Time Periods, even if the time period is closed, which creates a long, annoying list. Floor check also does not display Rejected Timesheets. (Screenshot below).

Custom Search can allow you to save a search for all Rejected Timesheets for relative dates (i.e., last week, last month, last 3 months) or for specific dates (i.e., start date, end date that may or may not match a timesheet period). Plus, Custom Searches are sharable to other roles when you access Save Options.

With Vantagepoint, you no longer have to preview an invoice to see the Fee billing amount.  You can see it directly from your interactive billing screen:

If you are trying to enter time via Mobile App for Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, etc…, make sure your Mobile App settings have Non-Working Days turned On.

Click here to know how

Vantagepoint Tip #10: Admin Users, don’t forget your login.

Set your Username and Password in My Preferences within the Desktop Application, and Deltek will auto fill your Login and Password when using the Online Help Deltek Support Center from the Web Application!

And in the Web Application, you can also configure your account to autofill your credentials for Deltek Collaboration and GovWin IQ
Need help with a Vantagepoint application? Just click on the Help Icon ? in the upper right hand of your screen to access helpful resources, including a 3-4 minute video clip about the current application on your screen.
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