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As a member of the LinkedIn Vantagepoint Upgrade Group, you’ve earned exclusive access to this page. Each week we’ll post a new tip or shortcut in a different tab from one of our Vantagepoint-certified expert consultants’ favorites.  Stay tuned and look for our LinkedIn posts.

Vantagepoint Tip #1: How to Open VP Applications in Separate Browser Tabs

With the Navigation Pane open, you’ll see menu items that are direct links to Applications (Activities, Boilerplates, Contacts). You’ll also  see other links that open an Application with sub-menus indicated by the arrow (Clients  > and Projects  >).

Navigation Pane

Press and hold down the CTRL key, then LEFT click the direct link application you want to display. A new browser tab will open. For Applications that have sub menus, you will need to open that Application first, Then use CTRL+LEFT Click to open additional. Applications from the sub menu, or return to the main menu to access other Applications.

Vantagepoint Tip #2: Stop time-consuming searching and navigating

Stop time-consuming searching and navigating. Simply type what you’re looking for in the “Find Application” box. Filtering on the fly is a game-changer.

Navigation Pane

Vantagepoint Tip #3: 

When navigating through different input fields in Vantagepoint, the change is saved when you leave that field. You may wish to edit multiple fields at one time and then save the group of changes when you’ve finalized all edits. By clicking on the “Edit” button, you can edit all fields on the record at once.

In “Edit” mode:

When using Invoice Approvals, Final Batch consists only of invoices approved prior to Final Run. There is no need to SEARCH for projects that are approved, because Vantagepoint has already done that for you.

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