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Aktion Associates, Inc., a national ERP software reseller and IT infrastructure provider, acquired Central Consulting Group (CCG), effective June 30, 2021.

“This acquisition expands our customer base in the architecture, engineering, and construction markets (AEC) in North America.  The addition of the Deltek product line strengthens our product offerings in the AEC specific industry sector,” said Aktion CEO Scott Irwin.

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When should we switch from Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint?


We’d like a custom report.


How do we get staff to use the software we invested in?

We just bought a 500-person firm. Help!


We need to integrate other software with Vantagepoint.

Here’s what we’ve done for some of your peers:

Mead & Hunt

Learn how Mead & Hunt streamlined processes with information centers

Learn how Environmental Partners reduced IT costs and improved productivity by moving to the Cloud

CCG Experts Webinars
Our expert consultants will help you:

Stay on top of Deltek developments

Optimize the use of your Deltek software

Streamline operations and improve productivity

Prepare for migrations and integrations and more

Since 2002, Central Consulting Group, Deltek’s largest Vision/Vantagepoint partner, has helped thousands of architectural, engineering, construction and professional services firms worldwide realize greater functionality from their software investment.

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