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Debunking Four Cloud Migration Misperceptions

We’ve heard from many Vision and Vantagepoint clients who are considering migrating to the cloud that they’re intimidated, thinking it is a more difficult process than it really is. So, we thought it would be helpful to set the record straight and share some straight talk about the process.

Misperception #1: The only way to migrate to the Deltek cloud is with outside help.

The Truth: We’ve developed a process that simplifies migration, starting with a way that you can  accelerate preparation for your cloud migration without outside help.

The Cloud Readiness Report essentially streamlines what can be a laborious step by automating a review of your on-premise system and documenting actions needed to move forward, including:

  • Software customization
  • Custom reports/invoices
  • Add-on/custom software
  • Database access methods

Best of all, you simply download the tool and run the report. If you need us to help with refinements, we can do that. After necessary adjustments are made, moving your Vision or Vantagepoint database to the cloud can be done in a few hours after backing it up and sending it to Deltek.

Misperception #2: Migration is a long, drawn out process.

The Truth: Actually, your system could be up and running in the cloud in as little as one day. However, we do recommend a test environment and a review of your cloud environment in order to properly prepare you for your go-live. The additional 3-6 weeks allow you time to get comfortable with your new environment and address any anomalies or unexpected issues. CCG will guide you through every step of your migration.

Misperception #3: It could take us too many months to update our system to the current version of Vision/Vantagepoint.

The Truth: We can make that happen quickly. Clients find that pre-migration is actually an ideal time to update their configurations to ensure they’re getting the most out of your Deltek investment. We can do the heavy lifting—restructure your work breakdown structures, organization structure, labor codes and categories, and more to streamline processes and match them to your current business model. And we can automate many of your daily tasks. For example, having your organization structures go into every project, phase, and task automatically will save weeks of manual data entry every year. We can also automate your plans by updating hours/resources based on approved proposals, absence requests, etc. Think of the possibilities.

Misperception #4: Migrating a Vision or Vantagepoint system to the cloud requires extensive resources—more than we can handle. We just don’t have the IT bandwidth to update our configuration.

The Truth:  While it may sound complicated, if not daunting, CCG’s expert consultants have assisted hundreds of firms with their cloud migrations. We can do as little or as much as you need assistance with in order to prepare you for a hassle-free migration. 

                            Get more details about the Cloud Readiness Report and see sample reports here

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