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The Uglier State of Info Security is Costing Attacked Organizations More

Proofpoint, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: PFPT) seventh annual State of the Phish report paints a pretty scary picture of information security. Especially for scattered work-from-anywhere workforces. A reminder of the price of data fragility and the unequivocable need for protection.

Aside from expensive ransom payments, the growing trend could present a potential health hazard to infosec professionals as they turn to sleep and digestive aids to cope with data insecurity.

Back to the leading cybersecurity and compliance company’s report, which explores enterprise phishing experiences and provides an in-depth look at user awareness, vulnerability, and resilience.

  • More than 75% of surveyed infosec professionals said their organizations faced broad-based phishing attacks—both successful and unsuccessful—in 2020, and ransomware infections impacted 66% of third-party global survey respondents.
  • More than half of them agreed to pay the ransom so they could quickly regain access to their data.
  • But only 60% actually got that access after the initial payment—the rest then got additional ransom demands, which most paid.
  • Thirty-two percent reported that they subsequently agreed to pay the additional ransom demands—a 1,500% increase over 2019. The full State of the Phish report is available here.

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