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Pickering Associates Corrects Deficiencies and Improves Databases with CCG’s ER Guidance

Pickering Associates uses cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive, cost-effective architecture, engineering and surveying services in West Virginia and Ohio. The firm’s 3D scanning, modeling, and printing ensures quality and precise results. What’s more, it helps control costs and meet tight budgets and timeframes by identifying early any potential impacts to project cost/scheduling.

Behind the scenes, Pickering has been using Vision since 2008 for efficiency and productivity. However, when the firm’s power user left the firm, Human Resources and Safety Manager Abby Wright, SHRM-CP, said, “We knew we needed help to gain an understanding about how much more Vision could do than how each of us was using the software. In essence each area of the company needed to become more Vision proficient.”

Pickering was also looking to the future, according to Wright. “We wanted to clean up our current database before migrating to Vantagepoint. We were fortunate that when we asked Deltek for consultant recommendations, we found Central Consulting Group. Our CCG consultant’s background in A/E is a great advantage in relating to everyone in our organization.”

Three days to invaluable results

Wright describes the three-day Effectiveness Review as “quick, thorough, and worthwhile. After interviewing our principals, CEO, HR, accounting, marketing, project managers, and architectural and engineering teams, our CCG consultant quickly analyzed our database and explained the importance of the best practices she recommended.”

As is often the case, the ER was the catalyst for correcting deficiencies that had been building and put on the back burner over the years. After an internal meeting to discuss the results, the firm formulated an action plan for their Vantagepoint upgrade.

The Effectiveness Review helped us bridge Vision knowledge gaps,” Wright adds. “Plus, we had an unforeseen opportunity to build a relationship with a CCG expert resource who continues to advise us about improving our database and guiding us in preparation for our Vantagepoint upgrade.”

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