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ARCCA Saves in Customization Costs with CCG’s Effectiveness Review Recommendation

In November 2015, ARCCA—a professional services firm that provides comprehensive forensic analyses for attorneys, insurance companies and other agencies throughout the country—decided to resolve issues they were experiencing with their eight-month old Vision system. “After the rollout dust settled, we began to notice inconsistencies, which prompted insecurities about how we were using the system. We found a new consulting partner, Central Consulting Group, that put us on the right path with their top-notch knowledge about and understanding of how to use Vision,” says Sioux Klinsky, ARCCA chief operating officer.

“Unlike traditional architectural/engineering firms operating on a fixed-fee basis,” she continues, “we provide services on a time-and-materials basis, so we thought we’d have to pursue expensive customization in order to make Vision really work for us.”

But CCG helped them avoid this costly route. First, CCG interviewed key personnel in accounting, maintenance, planning and estimates, and examined every issue and setup.

“The findings indicated that our frequent error files were due to insufficient training and improper setup, which lead staff down a path of data non-compliance,” Klinsky explains. “CCG conducted onsite train-the-trainer meetings with the same group they had spoken with. These sessions bridged the gaps revealed in the interviews and helped us master troubleshooting.”

In addition, CCG recommended tailoring ARCCA’s database to meet their processes and information needs within Vision rather than customizing the software. “We were relieved to sidestep that expensive proposition. In essence, CCG ensured we had the proper foundational structure.”

Klinsky adds, “Even though we know there are more areas of Vision we could take advantage of, we are pleased with the confidence we’ve gained from our principal CCG consultant. We know that what we are using we’re using accurately and consistently, which is critical for three of our companies that work together interactively.”

Central Consulting Group

CCG serves architectural, engineering and professional services firms across North America, the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East by helping them get more out of their software investment. As a Deltek Partner, CCG specializes in implementing, training, tailoring, customizing and integrating Deltek ERP Software; as well as assisting clients with their transition to Deltek Vantagepoint, the next generation of Deltek. CCG also helps their clients solve any challenges and supports them in every step of the project lifecycle.

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