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Fortify Your Remote Workforce with Vantagepoint

Remote, mobile, and virtual working environments are making companies more agile and responsive. Location is no longer a requirement for productivity and collaboration. The following suggestions will help make your remote workforce a powerhouse with Vantagepoint.

Move to the Cloud

Remote workers and teams need to be connected, and they need access to information so they can deliver projects from anywhere on time. Moving to the Deltek Cloud enables your company to connect to mission-critical business processes from any location—with increased security, flexibility, scalability and support. If you aren’t running your business in the cloud, now is the time to make the move.

Strengthen collaboration

Dispersed project teams need access to project details, so they can work together seamlessly on the same version of the truth. Collaboration is more vital than ever, and Vantagepoint keeps your remote teams connected. Project managers and resource managers proactively manage employee assignments, create accurate project plans, and notify employees of upcoming or changed project assignments. As project requirements change and evolve, Vantagepoint helps keep projects on track.

Infuse Agility

Project requirements and client demands change, and project managers need to know what teams are working on to make adjustments and keep remote workers focused on the right projects. Vantagepoint’s single project command center helps plan for successful projects, adjust projects, and keep teams informed. It also helps monitor project profitability and expenses to keep schedules and budgets on track and make sure teams are getting paid for work they deliver. With workflows and notifications, project managers easily share assignments, deadlines, and budgeted hours without having to coordinate schedules for project meetings.

Go Paperless

Reimagine your financial processes with Vantagepoint and replace sluggish paper-dependent processes with paperless, expedited workflows to help remote workers and streamline your cash flow. Maintaining cash flow can be a challenge with a remote workforce. Moving from a paper-based process to a paperless environment keeps cash flowing. Stacks of papers don’t hold up billing processes or payments. Mobile timesheets and expense reports let employees easily track time and expenses and upload electronic receipts from anywhere—no waiting for paper copies to reimburse staff. Approvers review and approve timesheets, expense reports, and supporting documents remotely to keep the process moving.

Expedite Approvals

With Vantagepoint, approvals go beyond just time and expense. Project managers can complete draft invoice approvals digitally, eliminating stacks of papers, time-consuming physical mark-ups or other delays. Finance teams can take advantage of credit card reconciliation to easily download statements and assign individual expense reports to expedite reimbursements—no waiting for paper statements. Automatic bank reconciliation eliminates waiting for, reviewing, and reconciling from paper statements.

Engage remote employees

Deltek Talent Management helps keep teams engaged and helps them thrive. Take advantage of continuous feedback and more frequent project-focused check-ins to stay close to your employees. Provide opportunities for focused learning to cross-train employees and invest in their future while preparing them for the next big project.

Develop your workforce

Career development plans available through Deltek Talent Management and continuous on demand learning opportunities available through the Deltek learning zone combine to create learning experiences to meet the individual needs of employees. With visual infographics, click guides and self-paced learning options, your employees choose the option that suits them.

We’re here to help!

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