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Fast-Track: Streamline Preparation for a Vantagepoint Migration Masterpiece

In talking with our Deltek Vision clients who want to take project management to the next level with Vantagepoint, we’ve learned they share a fair amount of uncertainty about how and when to prepare their migration (first brush strokes are the most challenging.). So we thought we’d share the proven process we’ve developed over the past 20 years ushering thousands of clients through many migrations.

Along the way, we’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to do it better. Our process is already helping early Vantagepoint adopters get ready. So whether you’re thinking about Vantagepoint in the cloud or on-premise, and whether your internal resources can handle all, some or none of the following four steps, we’re here to do as little or as much with Fast-Track as you need to help you prepare for and handle a smooth migration.

1.Vantagepoint Readiness Report

As a first step in preparing for a Vantagepoint migration, this Vision 7.6 custom report reviews your entire database configuration and provides you with the following details:

  • Identifies potential duplicate vendors and clients
  • Produces a list of all workflows
  • Compiles a list of all user-defined fields and grids
  • Identifies custom report files in use
  • Identifies duplicate columns across vendors and clients and across leads and contacts
  • Displays all key formats for various info centers
  • Shows labor cross charge, overhead allocation, and revenue generation settings for all companies
  • Displays the database table size
  • Identifies unposted transactions, timesheets, expense reports, and transaction center files
  • Identifies plans that don’t comply with Vantagepoint (iAccess) requirements
  • Identifies info center numbering that differs from your key formats
  • Identifies user defined fields

2.Vantagepoint Planning Services

A CCG Consultant develops a complete customized plan for your Vision to Vantagepoint upgrade, working closely with you to tailor your upgrade to your firm’s business processes. Our detailed list of items to review, plan, test, and train on will guide you throughout the process as you compare your present use of Vision to your future use of Vantagepoint.

3.Vantagepoint Preparation Scripts

CCG provides and runs the following scripts against your Vision database to produce the following:

  • Identify clients and vendors on “like” name match. This script compares each name against all names that will be combined into the firm’s hub. If you want these records merged or associated for merge during the Vantagepoint upgrade, CCG completes this step as part of the next service offered.
  • Client/Vendor Associations. This script updates client/vendor associations in Vision, which will be merged into a single firm in Vantagepoint.
  • Opportunity/Project/Plan Associations. This script establishes connections between different Vision records to establish a single record in Vantagepoint.
  • Identify plans that are not Vantagepoint compliant, and bulk fix them where possible.
  • Identify opportunities that aren’t properly associated, and correct the association.
  • Identify code table discrepancies, and resolve mapping issues that can result during the Vantagepoint upgrade.
  • Resolve key format Issues and bulk update numbering to be Vantagepoint compliant.
  • Review leads/contacts, and determine if leads should convert to contacts.
  • If this info center was re-purposed before the concept of User-Defined Info Centers (UDIC) was available, CCG converts this data to a UDIC to be retained in its original design.
  • If this info center was used for leads and has since been abandoned, data is purged to prevent
  • cluttering the new Contacts hub with invalid data.

✓CCG provides a list of all global and personal favorite reports in Vision, helping you to determine which to purge or keep.

  •   Report Classification                          •  Report Type                        •  Report Basis
  •   Owner Name                                        •  Report Name                      •  Modified Date
  •   Create Date                                           •  Modified User                    •  Limited by Role
  •   Owner Status                                        •  Create User

4.Vantagepoint Designer Scripts

CCG provides and runs SQL scripts that transfer data from your Vantagepoint sandbox environment to your Vantagepoint live environment:

  • Hub designer (edits of fields and grids)
  • Security roles
  • Dashboards
  • Favorite reports
  • Saved searches

What’s next?

We’re with you every step of your migration journey—from your Vision live environment to your Vantagepoint sandbox to your Vantagepoint production environment. These four steps will streamline your migration and help make your experience as smooth as possible.

This is a lot to chew on. Let’s start a conversation about getting ready for the next level in project management.

If you are interested in CCG helping you fast-track your migration from Vision to Vantagepoint, download the Fast-Track PDF Guide below.

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