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CCG Cloud Success Story | Elcon Associates

Security Breach Drives Engineering Firm to More Secure Cloud-based Deltek Vision

Elcon Associates nearly lost all its Deltek Vision® ERP data as the result of a security breach. “Luckily, our IT manager discovered the breach and shut the system down before the hacker got past our first accounting server,” said Dennise Kunkel,

Accounting and Office Manager at the engineering firm. “Our backup data was on our second accounting server, so we could have had an issue with that, too.” The security scare was what finally motivated Elcon to switch from on-premise Deltek Vision to cloud-based Deltek First Vision Essentials. “We had been considering moving to the cloud for a while, but were busy and didn’t realize our on-premise system was
that vulnerable,” she explained.

Download the Case Study below:

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