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PIM for Dummies Webinar: Best Practices in Email, Document and Drawing Management

PIM for Dummies Webinar: Best Practices in Email, Document and Drawing Management.

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When it comes to managing projects, we can group the types of information handled into three categories: emails, documents and drawings. Together, these categories create the foundation for how you organize your projects and communicate with your entire project team.

As it exists today, each of these types of information are stored in a variety of places. For example, your emails are buried in your inbox, your documents are stored either on an internal network drive or on your desktop, and your drawings are housed at multiple companies who make up the various disciplines required for your project. Far too much time is presently spent organizing this disjointed information in an effort to keep all parties equipped with the latest information.

How do we begin streamlining this process so that everything is stored in a central location? This webinar will explore the benefits of one integrated system for managing critical business information and best practices for firm-wide management of emails, documents and drawings. 

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Calm the chaos of project-related emails
  • Organize and archive project documents and contracts
  • Track evolving design deliverables
  • Create a system that’s mobile and convenient


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