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Print Servers & Vision Integration

Are you looking for ways to save print costs and integrate Vision to different print servers? Now there’s a way that Vision can both push and pull data to and from your print servers to help you manage devices without a lot of complexity.

One of the print servers available is called PaperCut, a print management software solution that helps cut paper waste, tracks your printing costs and is easy to use with Vision. The key to simplifying this integration is that you have the PaperCut database (or other print servers) installed on the same SQL instance where Vision is installed – and you keep it that way as both software programs advance together in their versions.

Although you can configure your print servers on separate SQL instances, but in the end you will pay for it in SQL security configurations between the instances.

The Push
All new projects are pushed to the print server when created in Vision. Projects are shut down in the print server as the status changes in Vision.

The Pull
The transactions can be pulled from your print server on any frequency and loaded to unit or expense import tables ready for you to validate and import and post.  You can also set the frequency and type of import.

If we have the client’s accounting representative and IT access, the print server’s database configuration person, along with CCG, together, we can knock out the push rather quickly.

The pull takes slightly longer to configure and requires more involvement and usually more than one session, because you will want to review it once you have data in the print server.  This session especially requires accounting to be involved.

Print Server integrations include;

  • PaperCut
  • Abacus
  • Equitrac
  • Print Audit
  • Technesis

Contact me to schedule the integration that reduces print costs and helps you easily manage your users and the jobs they are printing.

DAVID SPRINGER | Principal Consultant

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