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How to Automatically Track Fleet Mileage in Deltek Vision

The core Deltek Vision offering only allows you to track mileage by employees. So, if you want to track mileage by fleet for IRS reporting, you probably assume you have to do it manually. That’s what national engineering firm Mead & Hunt was doing — on multiple, time-consuming spreadsheets — until we implemented a workflow automation that made it easy to track fleet mileage
and other vehicle information directly in Deltek Vision.

The solution is to create a separate Info Center for your fleet. Within the Info Center, your Fleet Coordinator creates a separate record for each vehicle with basic information, such as VIN, license plate number and beginning odometer.

Then designated staff can enter mileage in the grid, with date, driver name, ending odometer and project number. The system automatically calculates mileage
and opens a new line for the next entry with the starting odometer. If information is missing, the system automatically notifies the Fleet Coordinator.

At set reporting periods, the Fleet Coordinator simply populates the unit import table from the grid data with the push of a button, which then can be
imported via Utilities, Data Import.

With this Vision workflow automation, Mead & Hunt realized numerous benefits:

  • Gained a complete, accurate history of fleet mileage
  • Eliminated duplicate tracking mechanisms
  • Saved time for accounting importing mileage as units
  • Created a billing backup
  • Automatically notified users and Fleet Coordinator regarding needed information
  • Automatically alerted users during entry to verify that information is correct

And now Mead & Hunt is planning to use the Fleet Info Center as a one-stop shop for all vehicle data, including registration documentation, vehicle
inspection forms, vehicle equipment logs and vehicle maintenance records.

To learn more about automating your fleet maintenance records in Deltek Vision, contact me at or 817-292-3399.

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About the Author: David Springer

David is a senior technical consultant at CCG. Prior to joining us, he spent nine years serving in numerous roles within an A&E firm — engineer,
project manager, business development, database developer. He combines that firsthand experience of client business processes with deep technical expertise
to help clients reduce labor hours and build consistent processes that everyone can trust.



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