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Freebies: Our Favorite Deltek Vision Resources

Are you looking for help using Vision? There are a great many tools available from both Deltek and CCG to help you troubleshoot a problem, brush up on
the latest features or become more familiar with your ERP software. Here’s a list of our favorites:


The Customer Care Site (previously e-Support)

This portal has a plethora of help tools and is your centralized Deltek resource. The Customer Care site allows you to download new releases, interact
with Vision technical support and submit new cases. In addition, you’ll find quick tip sheets, the knowledge base, user discussions and a searchable
catalog of documentation. For access to the Customer Care site, contact your internal primary Deltek contact.

The Deltek Concepts Guide

Your firm received a link to this document when you purchased Vision. A copy of the most recent major version (7.0) is available via the Customer Care
Site. This is an extensive document, over 300 pages, on how Vision functions.

User Groups

You’ll find a list of existing groups on the Customer Care site. These groups are regionally based and most don’t charge to attend.

Free Webinars

Deltek periodically offers free webinars on different topics. Notifications on available webinars are emailed to users and are also displayed on the
Customer Care site. Previously recorded webinars are also available on the site.

Release Notes

With each update of Vision, Deltek provides a very detailed document (usually hundreds of pages) on what has changed, what is new, how new things work.
This document can be downloaded from the Care site.

YouTube Videos

Deltek’s YouTube site has dozens of helpful
videos, including several related to the new platform, Deltek for Professional Services.



Our experts regularly provide tips and information about ways to better leverage your Vision investment. Examples include;

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For additional resources, contact me at

About the Author: Pamela Ingram

Pam is CCG’s Director of Strategic Services. She has spent the last decade working with ERP clients, serving as implementation manager on more than
500 new, large-scale implementations. For the past 7 years, Pam has specialized in coaching firms to become more efficient both in their use of Deltek
Vision and their internal business processes. Prior to joining CCG in 2003, Pam worked in the A/E industry, specializing in Marketing, Operations and
Project Management. She holds a certificate in Business Analysis from the University of Minnesota. Pam is the author of “They’re So Cute When They’re New” a blog focused on leadership and change. In her time outside work,
Pam rides and shows her two Appaloosa horses.


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