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Benchmark Your Competitors at Upcoming Deltek Vision Clarity Product Showcases

If you’ve never attended one of Deltek’s annual Clarity events, you have another chance coming up. Deltek is hosting four regional Clarity Product Showcases
from May to September 2017, in which Deltek executives will share key industry insights gleaned from their 38th annual Deltek Clarity A&E
Industry Report.

The Clarity Report slices and dices information gathered from hundreds of A&E firms, so you can benchmark what your competitors are doing. For example,
it looks at:

  • Key performance indicators, such as Operating Profit on Net Revenue, Utilization Rate and Net Labor Multiplier.
  • The attributes of High Performers, to understand how they outperform average firms.
  • How firms handle project management and business development to drive growth and profitability.

Other benefits of attending the half-day Showcase? You can get a heads’ up on where Vision is going during product breakout sessions, and network with
your favorite CCG consultants, since many of us will be at the events.

Here’s the schedule:

  • May 25 – New York, New York
  • June 7 – Portland, Oregon
  • June – Chicago, Illinois
  • Sept. 13 – San Francisco, California

All events run from 8:30 a.m. to noon local time.

Learn more and register on the event web page

Questions? Contact me at or 210-932-8049.

About the Author: Steve McTavish

Steve is CCG’s President. He spent 22+ years at ERP providers, including Deltek, so he knows the systems inside out. He’s still well connected at Deltek,
to keep us abreast of the latest developments, and has become our go-to expert on Deltek Vision in the Cloud.



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