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Baker Design Group Accesses Cloud ERP by Land and Sea

Access to Deltek Vision anywhere, anytime. That’s why Baker Design Group’s CFO, Mariela Baker switched the firm from on-premise Deltek Vision to Deltek Cloud. “There are only two of us in Accounting, and I’m the one who approves timesheets, so
I needed the flexibility to access our accounting information when I’m out of the office, whether at home, on a cruise, or anywhere,” Baker explained.

Speaking of timesheets, Baker noticed they were more accurate after switching to Deltek Cloud. “We have complex projects with lots of phases and additional
services,” she said. “Employees used to do timesheets manually, which was time-consuming, so they’d wait several weeks to turn timesheets in. By then,
they couldn’t always remember what they had done,” she explained. “Now, employees enter time more frequently, so it’s more accurate.”

Another benefit Baker realized with Deltek Cloud? Lower IT costs. In fact, they cut their outside IT costs in half by switching to the Cloud. (For more
cost-justification to make the switch, see our blog post, Failed Server? It’s Your Lucky Day: Now You Can Switch to Cloud ERP.

For more on the benefits Baker Design Group realized after moving Vision to the cloud, see their Client Success Story.

To learn more about making the switch to Deltek Cloud, contact me at or 210-932-8049.

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