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Let CCG Help You Pack Wisely for the Vision Move in 2017

Deltek has heard the call from customers on how to improve Deltek Vision and is answering in a big way. 2017 will be a year of significant improvements
for Vision, beginning with the first release early in the year.

Not only will the entire Vision product be moving to the iAccess platform over the next two years, but Deltek has also stepped back and reevaluated
the product and how it‘s used. They’re re-imagining Vision to be simpler, easier to use and portable on all devices.

Vision in 2017 will have many of the features you’ve asked for — including clients and vendors in one Info Center, timesheet completion from
your calendar, streamlined integration with Outlook, and a wizard-driven configuration tool to reduce the 100s of current configuration steps into
a logical, reviewable process.

The question is, “Are you ready for the changes?” Is your database clean or does it have many long-standing data configuration issues you’ve been meaning
to get to? Are there areas of your database that may be an issue when upgrading to Vision in 2017? While change is never easy, it can be made easier.
Allow us to help make your transition to Vision in 2017 smoother.

Our team has been preparing for the migration by developing the CCG Vision in 2017 Preparation Assessment. 
  It’s a three-step review process that will help you predict what challenges you may encounter when making the move to Vision
in 2017. It will also give you a road-map of changes you can make now to limit or eliminate conversion issues. The assessment includes a full review
of your database for conversion warning areas. You’ll receive a detailed report of suggested changes and cleanup items to complete before the move,
as well as a recommendation of which of the two release points best suits your situation.

Assessments begin in January 2017. You can request an assessment on our Vision in 2017 Prep website.  

If you have questions about the CCG Vision in 2017 Preparation Assessment, contact me at or 612-326-3771. 

About the Author: Pamela Ingram

Pam is CCG’s Director of Strategic Services. She has spent the last decade working with ERP clients, serving as implementation manager on more than
500 new, large-scale implementations. For the past 7 years, Pam has specialized in coaching firms to become more efficient both in their use of Deltek
Vision and their internal business processes. Prior to joining CCG in 2003, Pam worked in the A/E industry, specializing in Marketing, Operations and
Project Management. She holds a certificate in Business Analysis from the University of Minnesota. Pam is the author of “They’re So Cute When They’re New
a blog focused on leadership and change. In her time outside work, Pam rides and shows her two Appaloosa horses.


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