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Deltek Vision 7.6 in the Cloud: It’s Here and We Can Help

For those of you with Vision in the Cloud, aka Deltek First Vision Essentials, you’ll notice some changes when you log in Monday morning, Oct.17. Over
this weekend, Deltek will be upgrading you to the next version, Deltek Vision 7.6. To help, here are reminders of actions you need to take and new
features you can take advantage of:

Request a New API Key

If you’re an user, you’ll need to contact XE to update your account and obtain a new API key. That’s because with Deltek Vision 7.6, Deltek
is using’s APIs to pull currency exchange rates into Vision. So the old way of downloading rates will no longer work.

Possibly Resubmit Expense Reports

If you didn’t post all outstanding expense reports prior to the upgrade, employees will need to resubmit their expense reports when you enable the
new expense report approvals.

Eliminate Manual Benefit Accrual Calculations

You can save time processing benefit accruals now that Deltek Vision 7.6 includes benefit accrual calculations based on hours worked. You can do the
calculation either through payroll processing or benefit accrual processing — making it easy to meet state compliance requirements without extra

Approve Expense Reports Anywhere, Anytime

Expense Approvals for Touch Time & Expense was upgraded so approvers can view submitted expense reports and uploaded receipts — and approve
them — from any mobile device.

Fine-Tune Transaction Security

With cybercrime on the rise, there’s more attention being paid to data security. Now you can make your transaction data more secure in Deltek First
Vision Essentials by assigning specific access rights to each transaction type. For example, you can assign rights to enter a new transaction, create
a transaction list report and/or post logs.

If you need help navigating Deltek Vision 7.6 in the Cloud or assistance training your staff how to use the new features, contact your CCG consultant or
send an email to

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About the Author: Jonathan Monroe

Jonathan is CCG’s Vice President of Client Services. He combines deep expertise in electronics and information systems with business acumen to guide
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