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Automatic Newforma Project Archive in Vision Generates Most Interest at Newforma World

Sometimes it’s the little things that get the most attention. That’s what happened when Mitchell Kelchen and I presented at Newforma World 2016 last month.
Mitchell is Project Delivery Specialist at Shive-Hattery, an architecture and engineering firm that used CCG to integrate Newforma Project Center with
their Deltek Vision ERP system.

Our presentation was focused on the value of integrating Newforma with Vision. We thought attendees would get excited that the ROI of a Vision-Newforma
integration is just a few weeks for most firms. But what generated the most interest was when we talked about the automatic archiving functionality
CCG has built into the Vision-Newforma integration.

From 5 steps to 1

Typically, it takes three people and five steps to close out a project and archive it in both Vision and Newforma. A project manager has to identify
that a project is ready to archive from within Vision and notify IT to archive the folder. IT moves the folder to the archive server and shuts down
the Newforma project. Then a Newforma administrator has to tell Newforma where the new archive is, so there isn’t a broken link in Newforma. And then
someone has to go back in Vision and enter the new Newforma path so the integration remains intact.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just check a box? With our archiving functionality, you simply check the “Newforma Archive” box in Vision. All the steps outlined
above happen automatically.

Wait, there’s more

We also offer several customizations with our Newforma project archive functionality. For example, we can:

  • Have the system notify key employees by email that the appropriate steps happened.
  • Change all documents being archived to read-only, so they can’t be modified accidentally. 
  • Allow you to reapply folder security permissions, in case some employees who had access to an active project shouldn’t have access once a project is
  • Allow you to restore active status when new phases of the same project are initiated in the future.

If you missed the Newforma World presentation, I’d be happy to answer any of your questions about our Vision-Newforma integration service. Contact me at or 952-461-7400.

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About the Author: Jonathan Monroe

Jonathan is CCG’s Vice President of Client Services. He combines deep expertise in electronics and information systems with business acumen to guide
our team of consultants, who help CCG clients match their software to their business processes. Over the past 15 years, Jonathan has seen both the
pitfalls and best practices of implementing technology, and shares those insights to help you get more out of your software.

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