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Recalculate Rates Across All Vision Plans in a Single Step

If your rate tables change frequently, raise your hand. If you use Deltek Vision and you’re fed up with having to refresh the rate tables in each plan
one at a time, raise your other hand — and use it to call us. In response to client frustrations, we developed a Vision Global Rate Recalculation

The utility refreshes rates across all your project plans simultaneously. For a firm with 2,400-2,500 plans, the global update takes about 10 seconds.
You’d spend about that much time refreshing just one project. Plus, we can set up the refresh to run as a scheduled workflow, so you don’t even have
to think about.

Another feature our clients asked us to build into the utility was a Labor Override to accommodate exceptions, which weren’t previously possible with Vision
refreshes. The Override gets applied after base plan rates have been recalculated, and can be set up at the project, phase and even task levels —
giving you the flexibility you need to account for multiple rates.

For more information on how we can make rate changes easier with our Vision Global Rate Recalculation Utility, contact your CCG consultant or email me

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About the Author: Kennis Berard

Kennis is a technical consultant at CCG. He has more than 15 years of programming and database experience, including eight years as system administrator
for an engineering firm, where he gained deep knowledge of both Deltek Vision and A&E internal processes.

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