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There’s So Much More You Could Be Doing with Deltek Vision

Clients often ask us to help them make the most of their Deltek Vision® investment. They realize they’re not fully leveraging the power of the ERP system,
but they’re not sure what to do about it. The three most common scenarios are:

“We just upgraded to Deltek Vision version 7.x and don’t know what’s new.”

“So-and-so implemented Vision for us a few years ago, but she left and was the only one here who knew what Vision could do.”

“We really need to up our game, and we know there’s a lot of valuable client and financial information in Vision, we just don’t know how to access and analyze it to improve performance.”

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, then maybe it’s time to consider a Vision Optimization Workshop or a more-comprehensive Effectiveness Review.
We offer these services to help you uncover where Vision is being underutilized and provide a roadmap for becoming a more effective and efficient organization.
Here’s what you get with each service: 

Vision Optimization Workshop

In this 2- to 3-day workshop, we look at how you’re using Vision, explore your goals, then identify key Vision functionality to add to optimize your
ERP system and meet your goals.

As a result, you can expect to:

  • Gain confidence by enabling, configuring and supporting new Vision tools and functionality.
  • Identify and reduce deficiencies within your current business processes and/or Vision configuration.
  • Develop better reporting outcomes by optimizing Vision’s reporting tools. 
  • Reduce throughput between business processes and resources by improving workflow and productivity. (Check out our Tailoring Services for the kinds of workflow automations that are possible.)

Effectiveness Review

In this more-robust review, Vision is just one piece of the analysis. We look at all your software usage, business processes, cultural strengths and
weaknesses, and training plans. Using a proprietary, six-step process, we take an in-depth look at your current situation and then identify opportunities
for improvement across your firm. You get a detailed roadmap that shows you how to close gaps, address challenges and truly improve your firms’ performance.

Comparison of Options
Optimization Workshop Effectiveness Review
FOCUS Use and configuration of Vision Business process: with a review of not only Vision and other data systems, but also training, culture and process, and how they all can be
enhanced to gain greater efficiencies.
  • Introductory call with primary contact from your firm
  • Pre-Workshop review of specific Vision modules
  • Onsite Workshop
  • Introductory interview with primary contact from your firm
  • Pre-meeting survey and data collection
  • Pre-meeting detailed database review
  • Onsite Analysis Meeting
  • TARGET FIRM Small to medium, using limited Vision modules Medium to large with complex service lines, using multiple Vision modules.
    CONSULTANT(S) INVOLVED 1 CCG consultant who specializes in Vision 1 or 2 CCG consultants who specialize in Vision, business analysis and change management.
    REPORT OF FINDINGS Overview document with recommendations In-depth report, including an executive overview, review of current status, in-depth recommendations and expected benefits.
    PRICING Fixed Varies, we provide a custom proposal based on your specific needs.

    For more information or to schedule a Vision Optimization Workshop or an Effectiveness Review, contact your CCG consultant or email me at

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    About the Author: Adam Churchill

    Adam is a Senior Consultant at CCG. He has 17+ years of experience in the A&E industry using Deltek software, in both financial management and
    consulting roles. Hence, Adam has the unique ability to understand and support complex Vision Accounting, CRM and Resource Planning requests, as well
    as technical requests related to SQL scripting, data migration, custom reports and advanced reporting platforms, such as Analysis Cubes and VPM.


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