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Job-to-Date Details: Make It Easy for Project Managers to See for Themselves

How many times a week does your Accounting staff get asked to look up job-to-date information for a project manager? Probably more than you realize. You
can take the burden off your Accounting staff with three simple adjustments to your Deltek Vision ERP system:

Post key JTD items on your Project Info Center

You can pull key JTD information directly from your transaction tables and post them on the Deltek Vision Project Info Center. That way, project managers
can quickly find the information, such as:

  • JTD Billed
  • JTD Unbilled
  • JTD Spent
  • JTD Spent less Reimburseables
  • Outstanding A/R

Add Project Dashpart on the Dashboard

You can also create a project dashpart displaying all your JTD data for your project managers.

Add Email Alerts

You can even take communication a step further and let your project managers know via email when a project has reached a critical threshold, such as
90% of the contract amount billed. You can set up email alerts based on any user-defined criteria.

These are fairly simple adjustments for a dedicated IT staff, or we can make the adjustments or you.

To learn more about making your job-to-date information more accessible to project managers, contact me at or 817-292-3399.

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About the Author: David Springer

David is a senior technical consultant at CCG. Prior to joining us, he spent nine years serving in numerous roles within an A&E firm —
engineer, project manager, business development, database developer. He combines that firsthand experience of client business processes with deep
technical expertise to help clients reduce labor hours and build consistent processes that everyone can trust.


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