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3 Ways You Should Be Leveraging Deltek Vision’s Client Billing History

How many times has a possible project emerged and you have no idea if your firm has worked with the client in the past. Or maybe you know you’ve worked
with them, but not for how long or how much revenue was produced. All that information can be right at your fingertips — simply by adding a Billing
History grid to any tab in your Deltek Vision® Client Info Center.

The Client Billing History grid is initially populated with a full history of past invoicing for a client. Then it’s automatically prepopulated monthly
with new billing details. Anyone with authorized access to the grid can see, at a glance, how many years you’ve worked with the client and the dollar
volume each year. And with some minor enhancements — like breaking out revenue by fee for labor, consultants and expenses — you can get
even more detail.

Imagine the possibilities for:

New Hire Orientation — New employees can get up to speed quickly on your history with each client.

Business Development — The 2015 Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Report found that only 29% of firms use a formal
process to evaluate every opportunity. But Client Billing History can help you make smart Go/No-Go decisions for new projects with existing clients.
You can see if you’ve done work with the client before, how much, how your rate with the client compared to your rate with other clients, and your
profitability on the client’s projects.

Management — Armed with volume, frequency and profitability information, firm leaders can decide the best course of action with each client.
Maybe there’s a client that lagged for a few years and now needs to be re-engaged, or a client with continually low profitability that you decide not
to pursue any longer.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients customize their Client Billing History to leverage valuable information. We’d be happy to help you, too.

To learn more about leveraging your Client Billing History in Deltek Vision, contact me at or 817-292-3399.

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About the Author: David Springer

David is a senior technical consultant at CCG. Prior to joining us, he spent nine years serving in numerous roles within an A&E firm —
engineer, project manager, business development, database developer. He combines that firsthand experience of client business processes with deep
technical expertise to help clients reduce labor hours and build consistent processes that everyone can trust.

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