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The Cloud: Your Ally in Creating a Profit Culture

Most people know the common reasons to switch to Deltek Vision® in the cloud: Lower IT costs. Check. Greater scalability. Check. Improved accessibility.
Check. But you may not know that switching to Deltek First Vision EssentialsTM can also help you overcome one
of the industry’s greatest challenges — training inexperienced project managers to be more profit-focused.

The 2015 Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Report noted that project managers
are considered one of a firm’s greatest assets, yet more than 75% of firms surveyed say their project management discipline lacks maturity. Less than
20% feel their PMs accurately forecast costs.

So how does Vision in the cloud help address the PM challenge? “By giving project managers faster, more accurate information and graphically dynamic reports,”
said George Schmidt, CFO of consulting firm SE Group. He noticed a significant uptick in Vision usage once the firm switched to the cloud. “Before
we switched, most employees only used Vision for timesheets and expense reports,” he said. “Now PMs use Vision iAccess to track their projects from
mobile devices. They love the charts and visualizations, and how easy it is to set up and manage budgets,” he explained.

Schmidt is leveraging the newfound popularity of Vision to create a culture of project management at the firm. “Our senior managers understand that tracking
projects closely to stay on time and on budget can significantly impact our bottom line,” Schmidt explained. “We need to make sure that practice is
embedded with newer employees, too. iAccess and the ability to get information anywhere, anytime, encourage positive project management behaviors.”

To learn about other benefits SE Group realized after moving Vision to the cloud, see their Client Success Story.

To learn more about making the switch to Deltek First Vision Essentials in the cloud, contact me at or 210-932-8049.

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About the Author: Steve McTavish

Steve is CCG’s Vice President of Client Development. He spent 12+ years at ERP providers, including Deltek, so he knows the systems inside out. He’s
still well connected at Deltek, to keep us abreast of the latest developments, and has become our go-to expert on Deltek First Vision Essentials cloud




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