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Save Thousands of Hours with Automated Labor Transfer Tracking and Approvals

For those of you serving public clients, how much time do you think you spent manually tracking down multiple approvals for every labor transfer in order
to pass your recent Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) audit? What if I told you there was an easier — and much faster — way to get

There is: We developed a custom Deltek Vision® application that will automatically track labor transfers and secure needed approvals. While Vision 7.4
and above has a timesheet audit function, it only accommodates one approval. Most state FAR regulations require multiple approvals.

Anchor QEA, an environmental engineering firm that has to track about 3,000
labor transfers per billing period, brought the issue to our attention. They’ve relied on CCG for years to develop custom workflow automations to streamline
their processes. They hoped we could solve their labor tracking headaches, too. We did.

How the labor tracking application works

1. When time is transferred within the Interactive Billing Module, records are stored in a User-Defined Info Center called Labor Tracking.

2. The system then automatically generates the following emails with approval instructions:

– Notifies the biller to input a reason for the transfer.

– Notifies the employee that he/she needs to approve the transfer.

– Notifies the employee’s supervisor that he/she needs to approve the transfer.

– Notifies the project manager that he/she needs to approve the transfer.

– Notifies the biller that he/she needs to do a final review and approve the transfer.

3. When approvers go into the Labor Tracking Info Center, their user name and date are captured from their sign-in. This serves as validation, so the person
responsible for the approval is the only person allowed to check the approval box.

4. If the auditor needs hard-copy reports, you can print and sign a report for each project.

Significant time savings

For Anchor QEA — with 300+ employees and dozens of locations — the time savings is significant. It used to take them about two months to acquire
multiple approver signatures for each transfer. With our automated application, they get all the needed approvals within a few days. And they’re saving
the administrative time of roughly two full-time equivalents (FTEs), since they no longer have to scan, track and compile thousands of documents for
approval during the billing cycle.

If you have questions about our labor transfer tracking application or want to see a demo, contact your CCG consultant or email me at

About the Author: Carol Grulke

Carol is a Senior Accounting Consultant at CCG. Her 30+ years of experience in accounting, and financial and personnel management includes more than
20 years working inside service firms, where she was a power Deltek Vision user. Carol combines that first-hand experience with a deep understanding
of business processes and government regulations to help CCG clients align their software to their business needs.



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