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Fluctuating staff levels? You need the flexibility of Vision in the Cloud

As the industry ebbs and flows, your staffing levels do, too. And that can make it tough to manage technology, like your ERP system. When you’re in a growth
phase, your hardware can’t keep up with user demand and you’re faced with expensive upgrades. When your employee count drops, you suddenly realize
you’re paying for more licenses than you need.

That’s what happened to boutique design firm Three: Living Architecture. When the Dallas-based company implemented on-premise Deltek Vision® in 2006, it
was growing and needed a 75-user license. A few years later the recession hit and, like many A&E firms, Three reduced its staff and cut costs to
ride it out. At one point, the firm was down to 12 employees, but was paying for more seats.

Their CFO mentioned this to us in a conversation, and our recommendation was to switch to Deltek First Vision Essentials TM,
the cloud version of Deltek Vision®. The firm made the switch — and realized savings of several thousand dollars per year in IT maintenance.
(Read about Three: Living Architecture’s experience switching to the cloud in our featured Success Story.

The beauty of Vision in the cloud is that it’s much more scalable than on-premise, based on two key attributes:

Deltek handles the technology. Deltek covers hardware, software, networking and storage — freeing you from having to upgrade and maintain
it. So you save on capital costs, ongoing maintenance and IT consulting fees.

You gain more flexible licensing. Unlike Deltek Vision on-premise, which only comes in 10-license bundles, Vision Essentials cloud ERP allows smaller
firms to purchase as few as 5 seats at a time.

To learn more about making the switch to Deltek First Vision Essentials in the cloud, contact me at or 210-932-8049.

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About the Author: Steve McTavish

Steve is CCG’s Vice President of Client Development. He spent 12+ years at ERP providers, including Deltek, so he knows the systems inside out.
He’s still well connected at Deltek, to keep us abreast of the latest developments, and has become our go-to expert on Deltek First Vision Essentials
cloud ERP.


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