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Deltek Vision: Your New Fleet Management Software

If your firm has a fleet of vehicles, do you know your cost per mile for each vehicle or when the next oil change is due? You could know that and more
with a simple automation in Deltek Vision®.

Your accounting staff is already entering maintenance data, fuel charges and associated mileage from vendors into your accounts payable. With a little
programming — using the vehicle identification number (VIN) as a phase in Vision — we can translate the accounting data into an automated
maintenance schedule.

The program includes automatic notifications, with fleet managers or individual drivers notified by email when a vehicle is due for a tire rotation, oil
change or other scheduled maintenance.

The automation not only reduces the administrative time associated with managing your fleet and helps keep vehicles running efficiently—it also allows
you to track your cost per vehicle. So you know which vehicles perform best and which you may want to consider replacing.

To learn more about fleet management automation and other ways we can streamline Vision to improve your business, contact me at or 817-292-3399.

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About the Author: David Springer

David is a senior technical consultant at CCG. Prior to joining us, he spent nine years serving in numerous roles within an A&E firm— engineer,
project manager, business development, database developer. He combines that firsthand experience of client business processes with deep technical expertise
to help clients reduce labor hours and build consistent processes that everyone can trust.


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