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Easier Reports: As Simple as a Checkbox in Deltek Vision 7.4

You’ve asked for it, we’ve asked for it, and Deltek listened. They improved reporting from grids in Deltek Vision® 7.4.

Gone are the days of having to accept all the rows in a grid to create a report. In the past, if you wanted to run a report of all the employees with a
license in Massachusetts, you’d get a list that includes every other state in which those employees have a license:


Now you can limit a report to only select rows.

How It Works

In Deltek Vision 7.4, select the “Only List Match Selections” check box in reporting options. Your report will only return rows with the same criteria
as your selection.


For many users, this will now allow you to:

  • Store data easier inside existing Info Centers
  • Create reports directly from Vision that you previously couldn’t
  • Reduce exporting to Microsoft Excel®


This is a good time to review your overall use of reports. Think about reports you’ve always wanted, or data in a specific Info Center you’ve always
wanted to include — they may now be possible. Also, be sure to share this information with others in your firm.

If you’re still struggling with how to report from Vision, consider scheduling a CCG Search and Report Workshop. We offer a variety of on-site and
online workshops to help you create specific reports and get more out of your ERP investment. Whether you want a full-day session or a quick overview,
your CCG consultant will be happy to set up a workshop tailored to your needs.

To learn more about the change in reporting, contact me at

About the Author: Pamela Ingram

Pamela Ingram has spent the last decade working with ERP clients. She has served as implementation manager on over 500 new, large-scale implementations.
For the last 7 years, Pamela has specialized in coaching firms to become more efficient both in their use of Deltek Vision and more importantly,
through their internal business processes. Prior to joining CCG in 2003, Pam worked in the A/E industry specializing in Marketing, Operations and
Project Management. She holds a certificate in Business Analysis from the University of Minnesota. Pam is the author of “They’re So Cute When They’re New” a blog focused on leadership and change. In her
time outside work Pam rides and shows her two Appaloosa horses.




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