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iAccess: Your New Secret Weapon to Get Employees to Use Vision

If you’ve had trouble getting employees to use Vision, then you need to check out Deltek’s new secret weapon for increasing adoption — iAccess. Deltek’s Mike Bourgeois calls the revamped employee gateway “the sexiest thing Deltek has ever done.”
And I agree.

To call this the old Navigator module is almost an injustice. iAccess is a whole new experience that makes it easier for employees to do their jobs. Let’s
take a look at why it’s so powerful:

It’s mobile

iAccess is browser and platform agnostic, so employees can use any device, any browser, anywhere they have Internet access — making it more convenient
to perform day-to-day activities in Vision.

It delivers the information employees need to be successful

iAccess has three distinct work spaces: the Employee and Project Management work spaces are improved from Navigator, and there’s a new Business Development
work space available for Vision CRM users. That means employees work in a space designed specifically for their tasks.

For example, project managers have a series of icons so they can quickly see key issues, like if there’s no contract on file yet. And simple charts show
budget status, including a Labor Plan Summary. PMs can see how much labor is used on a job to date (JTD) vs. the estimate to complete (ETC) vs. the
actual contract. Plus, they can set up alerts so they know when projects are at risk, before it’s too late. That’s the kind of information that drives
improved profitability.

Labor Plan Summary

The new Business Development workspace makes capturing opportunity information so much quicker and easier. BD teams can add, update and review opportunities,
touch points and clients anywhere, anytime — to help win projects and improve forecasts.

It makes timesheets and expense reports a snap

Employees can enter time on the go. They can copy from previous timesheets. They can upload and attach receipts to expense reports. With more up-to-date
timesheets, you improve the billing process and mitigate risk.

Questions? Contact me at or 210-932-8049.

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About the Author: Steve McTavish

Steve is CCG’s Vice President of Client Development. He spent 12+ years at ERP providers, including Deltek, so he knows the systems inside out. He’s
still well connected at Deltek, to keep us abreast of the latest developments, and has become our go-to expert on Deltek First Vision Essentials cloud

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