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3 Reasons to Finally Integrate Newforma with Deltek Vision

 If you still have staff entering duplicate data between Newforma Project Center and Deltek Vision, here are three good reasons to finally integrate
your two software systems:

  1. It’s Easier Than You Think

    As a Newforma Certified Business Partner, we’ve integrated Vision and Newforma for hundreds of firms just like yours. Even with customizing the
    integration to fit your needs (see #2), the process can be completed in as little as half a day.

  2. We Can Customize to Meet Your Needs

    While three integration points are required to make the connection — Vision Clients > Newforma Companies, Vision Employees > Newforma
    Contacts and Vision Projects > Newforma Projects, we can also create these additional integration points to save you more time:

    • Vision Contacts > Newforma Contacts

    • Vision Planning Module > Newforma Timeline/Newforma Action Items

    • Vision Activities > Newforma Timeline/Newforma Action Items

    • Vision Opportunities > Newforma Projects

    • Vision Vendors > Newforma Companies

    As part of the process, we create custom fields that are auto-populated in Vision during project setup to drive the appropriate information to
    Newforma. And we can customize folder structure, including security and base files within the folder structure. Once a project is set up, users
    simply select “Newforma Link” and the project shows up in Newforma. As information gets updated, it automatically gets synced.

  3. We Can Automate Archiving

    This is the clincher for most customers. Instead of taking 10 minutes to archive a project in Newforma — moving folders and repathing to
    an alternate storage location — we set up auto archiving. Simply check “Newforma Archive” in Vision and the system automatically populates
    the Newforma archive folder, sends an update to Newforma to move the folder structure to the archive file server, re-paths the project to the new
    location, and archives the Newforma project. During that process, we also make the folder read-only, so users aren’t able to modify existing records.
    They can, however, continue to add documents and file emails, if needed.

    The auto archive feature is the biggest integration time saver for Plunkett Raysich Architects.
    “Archiving a Newforma project used to take 10 minutes. We complete 300 projects a year, on average, so that’s 1,500 minutes or 25 hours a year,”
    said Jeff Peter, IT Director at Plunkett Raysich Architects. “You can see why I didn’t archive much before CCG integrated our systems,” he quipped.

To learn more about how CCG can help you integrate third-party software into Deltek Vision ERP system, contact me at or 952-461-7400.

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About the Author: Jonathan Monroe

Jonathan is CCG’s Managing Consultant. He combines deep expertise in electronics and information systems with business acumen to help CCG clients match
their software to their business processes. Working day-to-day with clients, Jonathan has seen the pitfalls and best practices of implementing technology,
and shares those insights to help you get more out of your software.

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