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Yes, There’s An Easier Way to Create a Project in Deltek Vision

Have you ever added up all the hours your project managers spend re-entering data once an Opportunity in Deltek Vision® becomes a real Project? Or how
about the hours your accounting staff bugs project managers to “Get the Project data in the system, will you?”

It’s a lot. That’s why clients begged us to come up with a solution. So we developed a way to automate the Project life cycle. With the push of a button,
you can convert all the information from a CRM Opportunity into a new Project — prepopulating the new job with contract information, phases,
budget and complete billing terms — all in one easy step.

Automating billing terms is the biggest time saver. Instead of project managers having to answer a series of questions that identifies whether the Project
is billed Hourly Not to Exceed or as a Lump Sum, they simply choose the billing type from a drop-down menu. Vision automatically answers the questions

Our full life cycle automation also improves the Project close out process by identifying the accurate completion date. Without the automation, the completion
date (if it gets entered at all) shows up as the date when someone finally got around to closing the job, which might be months after the true completion
date. We can customize your system so that when an employee closes the job, Vision automatically looks for the last date of activity on the Project
and uses that as the completion date.

We recently completed the life cycle automation for interior design and architecture firm Shlemmer Algaze Associates (SAA). They took the time savings a step further by eliminating Accounting
Department approval after a Project is created. The automated process eliminates the potential for human error, so Accounting no longer needs to compare
the Project data to the Opportunity data for accuracy.

In fact, SAA’s lead accountant on the project is so impressed by the time savings and accuracy of the automation that she’s presenting details at a technical
session at Deltek Insight 2015. As we get closer to November, we’ll share more details about her session, in case you want to attend.

If you don’t want to wait that long to streamline your Project life cycle, here are three important things to know before you give us a call:

  • You choose how much of the life cycle to automate. We can do just Opportunity to Project, Project to Billing Terms, Completion Date — or all
    of it.
  • The full automation can be set up in a few quick sessions or spread over a month or more. We customize the automation to your internal processes, so
    we need time to sit down with you and understand your processes and data needs first.
  • Yes, we can do this with Deltek First Vision Essentials cloud ERP system, too, but because we don’t have immediate access to the database like we do
    with on-premise Deltek Vision, it takes more calendar time.

To learn more about project life cycle automation and other ways we can streamline Vision to match your business processes, contact me at
or 817-292-3399.

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About the Author: David Springer

David is a senior technical consultant at CCG. Prior to joining us, he spent nine years serving in numerous roles within an A&E firm— engineer,
project manager, business development, database developer. He combines that firsthand experience of client business processes with deep technical expertise
to help clients reduce labor hours and build consistent processes that everyone can trust.


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