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The Secret to Greater Email Notification Functionality in Deltek Vision

If you’ve ever tried to send a client an email notification through standard Deltek Vision® workflows, you know it’s not possible. But with some simple
tailoring, you can gain the flexibility to send dynamic emails to anyone in your Vision ERP system.

The Challenge

Vision only lets you choose email recipients from a pre-defined list of roles and fields — such as supervisor, project manager and principal-in-charge.
You’re not able to access contact or employee records from other Info Centers or Grids.

The Solution

We can set your Database Mail SQL utility to be an exact mirror of Vision’s email, giving you time-saving dynamic email functionality. You can send
emails to anyone in Vision on a scheduled or user-initiated basis, using email templates you set up in your text library. For example, you can email
a new employee a first day agenda or send a survey to clients at the 50% billed threshold.

We can also configure Database Mail to allow attachments, making it easy to email reports to clients, project teams or senior management.

If your internal IT experts have a deep understanding of Vision and SQL stored procedures, they may be able to make the adjustment themselves. If not,
we’d be happy to help. Tailoring Database Mail typically only takes an hour or two.

To learn more about CCG’s tailoring services and how we can expand your Vision email notification functionality, contact me at
or 952-461-7400.

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About the Author: Jonathan Monroe

Jonathan is CCG’s Managing Consultant. He combines deep expertise in electronics and information systems with business acumen to help CCG clients match
their software to their business processes. Working day-to-day with clients, Jonathan has seen the pitfalls and best practices of implementing technology,
and shares those insights to help you get more out of your software.


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