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Automate Time Off Requests? We Have an Ap(titude) for That

So you’ve embraced the Resource Management module in Deltek Vision®. You can now see who’s available and who isn’t. You can predict availability and utilization.
It all works great. Except for that one hole: time off.

Since time off isn’t being included in your Plans, if you’re like most firms, you compensate one of two ways. Either you have a paper process, in which
employees submit their requests on paper, the requests are routed for approvals and then are manually entered into a Time Off Plan, which is time-consuming.
Or you manage the information across two systems, with project time in Vision and time off handled on an Outlook® calendar, which requires viewing
multiple sources to get the big picture.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this all electronically, in one system? You can!

We pioneered a set of tailored automations that allow your employees to submit time off requests inside of Vision, using a User Defined Info Center
that can be crafted to collect the data your company prefers. Here’s how it works:

  1. An employee submits the time off request in the User Defined Info Center.
  2. The request is routed to the appropriate approvers using Vision’s Workflow system. 
  3. The approver OKs the request.
  4. The request is automatically populated into the Planning Module and is viewable alongside all other time in the Resource Management screens. 
  5. Any changes to the request retrigger the process and keep all areas of the software in alignment.

In addition to filling a project management need, these tools also assist in reconciling payroll to time off requests, and they provide real-time reporting
for both future and historical time off. With summer vacations coming up, what are you waiting for?

To learn more about how CCG can tailor your Vision system to streamline time off requests, contact me at or

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About the Author: Jonathan Monroe

Jonathan is CCG’s Managing Consultant. He combines deep expertise in electronics and information systems with business acumen to help CCG clients match
their software to their business processes. Working day-to-day with clients, Jonathan has seen the pitfalls and best practices of implementing technology,
and shares those insights to help you get more out of your software.


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