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Study Shows Cloud Reliability Trumps On-premise Reliability

If concern over reliability of the cloud has been holding you back from switching to Deltek First Vision Essentials Cloud ERP system, then fear no more.

An IDC study showed that end users of Amazon Web Services (AWS) — the infrastructure that powers Deltek First Vision Essentials — benefited from fewer service disruptions and quicker recovery by migrating to the cloud. AWS reduced their downtime by an impressive 72% and improved application availability by an average of 3.9 hours per user per year.

In 2014, AWS was just a few seconds shy of achieving the holy grail of availability — five nines, or 99.999% up-time — with 99.9974%, according to tracking firm CloudHarmony. The firm monitors how often more than four dozen cloud providers experience downtime. The company has a web server running in each of these vendors’ clouds and tracks when the service is unavailable, logging both the number and length of outages. (See current monitoring data.)

“The more established players are fine-tuning their systems and becoming quite stable,” CloudHarmony CEO Jason Read told Network World.

How do they achieve such impressive uptime figures? With vast technical backbone technologies that are out of reach for anyone except the largest enterprises.

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