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Failed Server? It’s Your Lucky Day: Now You Can Switch to Cloud ERP

If you’re still using an on-premise ERP system, you should consider an aging server or storage drive failure as a stroke of luck. It can give you the cost justification for switching to Cloud ERP. Even though Cloud ERP deployments have lower initial and ongoing costs than on-premise, sometimes it takes
a potential major capital outlay to get past organizational inertia.

Two aging servers were the motivating factor that led Three Living Architecture to switch from Deltek Vision® on-premise to Cloud-based Deltek First Vision Essentials.

“We could refurbish one server, but the other was out of warranty, so we were looking at a new one,” said Three’s Chief Financial Officer at the time.

“Together, they would have cost upwards of $12,000. And because the old servers were so slow, switching to the Cloud made it faster to view complex
reports,” he said.

Reducing hardware costs is a key reason to switch to Deltek First Vision Essentials (Now Vantagepoint) Cloud ERP. Here are three additional cost justifications, based on Deltek’s ERP systems:

Reduce maintenance costs

Three, a Dallas-based firm of 25 employees, is saving several thousand dollars per year on IT maintenance with Cloud ERP. Larger firms can save even
more. That’s because annual support and maintenance are included in the bundled monthly price of the Vision Essentials Cloud ERP system.

Reduce licensing fees

Whereas you buy Vision on-premise software in a series of 10 licenses, with Vision Essentials Cloud ERP, you can get license packages in increments of five. That kind of flexibility is especially helpful during economic ups and downs, which are inevitable in every industry.

Reduce IT consultant fees

Because you don’t have to worry about hardware or software in the cloud, you can reduce data hosting fees and IT time spent handling installs, upgrades and troubleshooting.

All the savings add up to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). You can analyze the TCO of on-premise vs. Cloud ERP for yourself using the handy TCO calculator offered by Software Advice.

To learn more about Deltek First Vision Essentials Cloud ERP software (Now Vantagepoint) contact us here.

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About the Author: Steve McTavish

Steve is CCG’s Vice President of Client Development. He spent 12+ years at ERP providers, including Deltek, so he knows the systems inside out. He’s
still well connected at Deltek, to keep us abreast of the latest developments, and has become our go-to expert on Deltek First Vision Essentials cloud

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