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3 Warning Signs You Need an ERP Effectiveness Review

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your ERP system; maybe even your professional reputation if you were the one who championed it. So you expect
a lot from it. Yet, too often, organizations are disappointed after implementation. They don’t feel the ERP system was a wise decision. If your system
is providing limited value, it’s most likely because you’re not fully leveraging it.

Rather than dismiss the software as a failure, take action. Hire an outside expert like CCG to conduct an ERP Effectiveness Review. A review can uncover
cultural, system and organizational obstacles that are keeping you from making the most of your ERP investment, and provide a path to improvement.

Below are three warning signs you aren’t reaping the full ROI from your ERP system, which means it may be time for an ERP Effectiveness Review.

1. You’re still relying on spreadsheets and manual processes.

Silos of information are inefficient, usually inconsistent and lead to incomplete reports that don’t give leadership a true picture of your firm’s
performance. Whether employees weren’t trained properly or are just resisting change, you’ll never reap the true benefits of your ERP system if it’s
not being used across the organization. That’s what happened at engineering firm Gausman & Moore. While accounting staff used their Deltek Vision
ERP system extensively, other employees called it the “Big Time Machine,” because timesheets were the only feature they were trained to use. Not surprisingly,
the firm’s leadership saw their ERP system as an expensive investment that provided limited ROI. That is, until they brought us in to do a CCG Effectiveness Review.

2. There are modules you’ve never used.

Sadly, your firm is not alone. More than half of ERP users said they don’t even know which available features they weren’t using, according to a
Morgan Franklin ERP survey. Without using all your available features, you miss opportunities to streamline processes, increase productivity and
meet business objectives.

3. You don’t know which projects are most profitable.

If you have Deltek Vision, your system is automatically aligning time and expenses, write-offs, and billing data at all levels of a project, so the
information is there to understand the financial viability of every project at a detailed level.

At CCG, we’ve developed an in-depth, six-step Effectiveness Review process that examines your current software functionality and business processes. It’s
designed to uncover process improvements, revenue enhancement opportunities, expense management strategies and tactics to improve your firm’s performance.

We provide a detailed, written Findings Report that outlines recommendations and a detailed action plan. Typically, the recommendations are a mix of organizational
and system improvements. With your ERP system, our goal is to make it as simple as possible, which means making sure it matches your business processes
so it’s intuitive for users at all levels. From a cultural standpoint, we often address how to get greater buy-in from user groups and improve training.

Essentially, a CCG Effectiveness Review gives you a road map for making sure you’re getting the most out of your Deltek Vision ERP investment.

To learn more about CCG Effectiveness Reviews, contact me at or 952-461-7400.

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About the Author: Jonathan Monroe

Jonathan is CCG’s Managing Consultant. He combines deep expertise in electronics and information systems with business acumen to help CCG clients match
their software to their business processes. Working day-to-day with clients, Jonathan has seen the pitfalls and best practices of implementing technology,
and shares those insights to help you get more out of your software.



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