Sepialine Integration

Sepialine Data Integration

Track and Recover Client Printing Costs

We can integrate Sepialine's Argos print management software with your Deltek Vision® system and CCG financial management products — so you can easily track and get reimbursed for client printing costs. By recovering client-billable consumables like paper, toner and ink cartridge, you can turn expenses into revenue.

Sepialine Integration Benefits

Sepialine’s Argos print management software integrates with Deltek Vision and automatically imports client codes for fast, easy cost recovery.

  • Imports client codes from Deltek Vision.
  • Client codes searchable by name or number.
  • Automatically extracts dozens of statistics from each print job, including file and user name, date and time, per-page costs and total print costs.
  • Includes 20 standard reports and more.

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Sepialine Data Integration
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