Client Feedback Tool

Client Feedback Tool Integration

Build Client Feedback into Your Process

While Deltek Vision® gives you insight into key metrics such as profitability, revenue and aged accounts, it doesn’t include performance measurements from the client perspective.
We can help you integrate Client Feedback Tool into your Vision ERP system so you can easily collect and incorporate feedback from your clients.

Integration Benefits

When we integrate Client Feedback Tool into your Vision system, you can quickly create client surveys in Vision using existing client, contact, and project data. We’ll program the system to your specifications — whether you want surveys sent automatically throughout the project lifecycle or sent at the push of button. You can also choose how you want to see feedback — all in real-time, or by high or low scores.

We’ll also make sure your survey data is in sync with Vision. As your project, client and contact information changes, we reflect those changes in the CFT website.

Key Business Benefits

  • Get client feedback early in a project, so there's still time to make improvements.
  • Allow users to utilize project and contact data already stored in Vision.
  • No duplicate entry, no worrying about inaccurate data from a disconnected CFT database.
  • Strengthen client relationships and increase client loyalty.
  • Support value-based pricing.
  • Time-savings integration tool for Vision.

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Client Feedback Tool Integration
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