Resource Planning

Deltek Vision Resource Planning

Fully Integrated Project Management Solution

For success-minded Professional Services firms, nothing is more important to your business than your resources. Yet even in today’s world of evolving technology, traditional stand-alone project and resource management systems require retrieving key information from multiple, segregated sources—leaving your company to deal with time-consuming and error-prone processes that risk putting your projects over time and/or budget.

Automate Valuable Resources

Deltek Vision Resource Planning is the first fully-integrated project management solution that automates scheduling, budgeting, forecasting and resource management in a single, easy-to-use application. Delivering end-to-end, real-time visibility and a targeted tool set created specifically for managers and resource planners, Deltek Vision Resource Planner brings together all of the capabilities you need to develop or track costs and project plans—from opportunity phase all the way to project completion.

Real-time Visibility into Project Costs

  • The ability to search resources and personnel based on specific skill sets and availability.
  • Forecasting and comparisons of estimate to complete hours (ETC) to budget to complete hours (BTC).
  • A robust, integrated tool set to empower executives, managers and resource planners.
  • Universal access and zero-client install, so any user with Internet Explorer can access the system anywhere at any time.

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Deltek Vision Resource Planning
Get the right people on the right project at the right time.
Resource Planning for Dummies, Deltek Special Edition, walks through the concepts of effective resource management in a way that's intended to be easy to understand and helpful for getting started effectively managing resources for your project-based organization.
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