Vision in 2017 Prep

Are You Ready for the Move to Vision in 2017?

Let Us Help You Pack Wisely

Extensive changes are coming to Vision in 2017 — with the first release available in March 2017. Not only is Vision moving to the iAccess platform, it’s also being re-imagined and re-configured so it’s easier to use, with enhanced features. All that’s good news, unless your database isn’t ready for the transition.

Is your database as clean as it could be? Will your data translate easily to the new environment?

We’re offering the CCG 3-Step Vision in 2017 Preparation Assessment to help you uncover and fix issues that could slow the transition. It’s as easy as:

Step 1: You complete a survey regarding your use of Deltek Vision

Step 2: We review your database

Step 3: We provide a detailed report of recommended actions

Assessments begin January 1, 2017

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Are You Ready for the Move to Vision in 2017?
Make sure your transition to Vision in 2017 is a smooth one: Request our Vision in 2017 Preparation Assessment.


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